June 20 th

Video: Bic Shavers

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There are so many different razors and shavers out there. It means you need to get creative with your advertisements. Bic does a great job with this.

Especially with the latest videos for Bic Shavers.

Get your everyday tough on with BIC Razors and College Humor.

Some guys jump out of airplanes and hang from the edge of buildings. Other guys endure their girlfriend’s reality TV shows and take out the trash when it’s raining. As far as we’re concerned, tough comes in all different shapes and sizes.

BIC Razors and CollegeHumor’s new video series helps us salute the everyday tough in all of us, with real life action movies.

There are three great videos to check out.




I personally enjoy the third one. How can’t you like a wild west style showdown.

What do you think? College Humor strikes again.

I won’t change the way I shave, but I may check out the Bic razors the next time I am at the store.

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June 17 th

Use Mobile Sports Betting Apps To Gain An Edge

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One thing I have learned in all my years being involved with sports betting, everything happens fast and if you stop paying attention for even 25 minutes, you could lose a lot of money.

Lines move, injuries happen and weather changes. That is the nature of sports betting. So how do you keep up to date no matter what you are doing? The same way you stay connected for every other part of your life. You go mobile.

There are many mobile sports betting sites on the web, but do they provide the info you need?

Using mobile sports betting apps are the only way you can know everything as it happens. We live in a 24-7 news world now and if something breaks (literally), it is going to change your bet.

The problem is, there are so many apps out there, it is hard to know what ones are worth your time.

Fortunately, there is one site that does the work for you. A site that will review various mobile sportsbooks and mobile sports betting apps so you know the ones you should be using.

You want to trust your information and where it comes from right?

Well, Mobile Sports Book Apps is the only resource you will need.

They review them all. They pick them apart. They shine praise on the ones they like best.

They let you know if they are friendly to your market, what platform they are for and point out any special offers that come with use.

Many of the top names are featured on their site. Bovada, Bet365, Betonline and so many more. These mobile apps are from the most trusted names in sports betting.

Whether you need iphone sportsbooks, Android sportbooks or any other kind of app, it will be listed on this site.

New to sports betting using a mobile device? One of the things I like about this site is that it explains how it reviews, where it gets the data and what all the differences are. It is like a mobile betting tutorial. It also goes over any rules and regulations you need to know because sports betting can be a tricky venture depending on where you live.

They claim to be an authority for mobile sports betting apps and after looking around the site, I think they are doing a great job.

Ready to bet on the go? This is the site you want.

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June 17 th

Basketball Is Over, Now What?

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Now that the Spurs have blown up the Heat franchise, what do basketball fans do? I guess we wait for the draft by watching World Cup?

Anyways, not much Raptors news going on, so the blog is going to be quiet for awhile.

Here is a story from my own life about taking my son to his first live basketball game.

Harrison`s First Live Basketball Game

One of Harrison`s Christmas presents was tickets to go and see a Halifax Rainmen game. We have been to see the Halifax Mooseheads a few times, but never to a Rainmen game.

Harrison loves basketball and watches it on TV whenever I am watching it. He is even starting to get the rules of the game. For some reason, he loves it when the ball gets stolen. Anyways.

Sunday was being referred to as “no nap day“ because the game was at 2pm, which is usually when the boys nap.

I was looking forward to the game as well because live basketball (no matter the level) is always a treat. I have been a hoops fan for most of my life, so I would never say no to going to a game.

The exciting part was our seats were on the floor right behind the basket.

So we bundled up and headed down to the Metro Centre where the Rainmen play.

The game was against the Saint John Mill Rats. I have no idea what a Mill Rat is, but I knew they were a better team than Halifax.

The Rainmen are not having a good season, so my expectations for a win were pretty low.

We got our snacks (popcorn always) and found our seats. They were really close. We could hear what the players were saying to each other as they warmed up.

Read the full story of this dad taking his son to a game.

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April 14 th

Video: Valvoline Reinvention

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Have you heard that Valvoline is making a bit of a comeback? Okay, so they never went anywhere, but they are reinventing themselves.

See the video below and then read all about it with excerpts from the official press release.

Reinvention Project Revealed: ValvolineTM unveils Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s and Jimmie Johnson’s classic truck creations

Sprint Cup drivers debut high performance truck builds; go head-to-head in performance challenges

Valvoline and Hendrick Motorsports unveiled two completely reinvented, redesigned classic Chevrolet trucks, the culmination of the brand’s first-of-its kind Reinvention Project campaign. After several weeks collaborating with the expert mechanics at Hendrick Performance, Sprint Cup Series drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmie Johnson inspected their finished trucks. The two then went head-to-head in a series of high-energy challenges from autocross to burnouts and even drag racing.

Thousands of participants logged on to the virtual garage at www.ReinventionProject.com, in an attempt to create a virtual build closest to Earnhardt Jr.’s or Johnson’s and snag the grand prize – their own classic Chevy truck. Ultimately, the drivers were thrilled to see their custom rides come to life, putting to work the under-hood expertise of some of the best mechanics in the nation. Their Reinvention Project truck selections include:

Valvoline’s full-synthetic product, SynPowerTM motor oil, served as the motor oil of choice by both drivers for the Chevrolet power plants found in each truck. This selection was made to ensure the highest quality and performance capacity to meet the demands of the two high-powered vehicles.

To see Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmie Johnson go head to head with their trucks, and to find out more about the Valvoline Reinvention Project, visit www.ReinventionProject.com.

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