A conversation came up recently over dinner with friends about who the best looking woman was in the history of Survivor. A friend was going on about how Flicka of this season maybe the best ever and that got us taking a stroll down memory lane. Elisabeth or Amber or evil Jerry?? So I figued I would take a little time and take a look back at all the girls we may have forgotten. Enjoy and feel free to leave your thoughts.

Who would you like to be stranded with??? Please make your choice in the comments. I still have to say my pick is Julie Berry but hey thats just my feelings.

Also please voice your opinion on who is the greatest Survivor player ever!

Jenna Lewis
Jenna Lewis (Survivor)

Colleen Haskell
Colleen Haskell (Survivor)

Stacey Stilman
Stacey Stillman (Survivor)

Kelly Wigglesworth
Kelly Wigglesworth (Survivor)

Amber Brkich
Amber Brkich (Survivor 2 & All-stars)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Elisabeth Filarski (Survivor 2)

Jerri Manthey (Survivor 2 & All-Stars)

kimmi kappenberg
Kimmi Kappenberg (Survivor 2)

Kim Powers
Kim Powers (Survivor 3)

Kelly Goldsmith
Kelly Goldsmith (Survivor 3)

Jessie Camacho
Jessie Camacho (Survivor 3)

Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones (Survivor 4)

Gina Crews
Gina Crews (Survivor 4)

Neleh Dennis (Survivor 4)

Tanya Vance
Tanya Vance (Survivor 5)

Jenna Morasca
Jenna Morasca (Survivor 6 & All-stars)

Heidi Strobel (Survivor 6)

Christie Hastie
Christa Hastie (Survivor 7)

Nicole Delma
Nicole Delma (Survivor 7)

Ami Cusack
Ami Cusack (Survivor 9)

Eliza Orlins
Eliza Orlins (Survivor 9)

Julie Berry
Julie Berry (Survivor 9)

Leann Slaby
Leann Slaby (Survivor 9)

Ashley Ashby
Ashlee Ashby (Survivor 10)

Jennifer Lyon
Jennifer Lyon (Survivor 10)

Kim Mullen
Kim Mullen (Survivor 10)

Stephanie Legrossa
Stephanie LeGrossa (Survivor 10)

Brook Struck
Brook Struck (Survivor 11)

Danni Boatwright
Danni Boatwright (Surivivor 11)

Brianna Varela
Brianna Varela (Survivor 11)

Morgan McDevitt
Morgan McDevitt (Survivor 11)

Danielle Dilorenzo
Danielle DiLorenzo (Survivor 12)

Misty Giles
Misty Giles (Survivor 12)

Sally Schuman
Sally Schumann (Survivor 12)

Jessica “Flicka” Smith (Survivor 13)

Candice Woodcock (Survivor 13)

Parvati Shallow (Survivor 13)

Becky Lee (Survivor 13)

Jessica Deben (Survivor 14)

Stacy Kimball (Survivor 14)

Amanda from Survivor China
Amanda Kimmel (Survivor 15)

More photos of Amanda

Ashley from Survivor China
Ashley Massaro (Survivor 15)

Jaime from Survivor China
Jaime Dugan (Survivor 15)

Alexis Jones (Survivor 16)

Mary Sartain (Survivor 16)

Natalie Bolton (Survivor 16)

Corinne Kaplan (Survivor 17)

Jacquie Berg (Survivor 17)

Jessica “Sugar” Kiper (Survivor 17)

Kelly Czarnecki (Survivor 17)

Michelle Chase (Survivor 17)

Paloma Soto-Castillo (Survivor 17)

Sydney Wheeler (Survivor 18)

Sierra Reed (Survivor 18)

Candace Smith (Survivor 18)

Debra “Debbie” Beebee (Survivor 18)

Erinn Lobdell (Survivor 18)

Carolina Eastwood (Survivor 18)

There you have it, the ladies of Survivor.

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