I would bet that one of the largest fan bases out there is for the Star Wars movies. They come out of the woodwork everytime there is a new movie, trade show, dvd release or even a get together. They dress up and become their favourite persona from the movie and to the most part they go all out when doing this.

So where do they get the wonderful costumes? Well one place they might is  Easterntoys.com. This site offers a great deal of amazing costumes or heltmets for whatever character you want to dress up as.

I was looking at the site and alot of the stuff looks very real and right out of the films. Right on the front page of their Star Wars section is a mask of Darth Vadar who I am sure is one of the most popular characters to dress up as. The mask looks very real and would be a must for any true fan.

There are lightsabers and other fake weapons to choose from and I was amazed to see a full C3Po costume to buy.

From the looks of Easterntoys.com they make it very easy to buy a product and offer good customer service. This is always key when buying something online in case there happens to be problems. From the look of the products offered it seems like the site is run by a true fan so I would like to think they would take the extra effort to make sure other fans are fully satisfied.

I know there are no more movies coming out but I am sure there are all kinds of trade shows and even halloween would be the perfect time to pick up one of these costumes.

For the true Star Wars fan Easterntoys.com is a must for purchasing amazing costumes and helmets. I have never dressed up like a wookie but if they day ever comes that I need to at least now I know where to buy the costume.


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