L.A. Lakers at Toronto 7pm ET (NOT ON NORMAL TV!!)

Good day, good day. I know it won’t help the team tonight (or will it?) but I just read that T.J. is back and will be decked out in a suit and with his crew tonight at the ACC. Welcome back buddy!

I can’t even begin to describe how happy I was to read that after all of the rumours of if and when he was making his comeback.

I would think at the very least it will be a lift for the team to see the “little engine” on the bench running his mouth at 80 km/hr.

All is getting better in Raptorland.

With all the Ford is back hoopla I hope the Raptors remember who is showing up tonight at the ACC. Yep it is Mr. 81, the guy who put the Raps in the record books for all the wrong reasons. The Black Mamba is in the house.

I hope Sam made the team sit and watch every hoop Kobe Bryant tossed in on them a few years ago. I hope he replayed it over and over and the team remembers it.

AP and Delfino, you are up! Time to put on your hard hats and do a job.

The Lakers were rolling a few weeks ago but injuries have slowed them down and a loss in Motown last night will have them a little on the tired side. What a break to catch the Lakers on a back-to-back after playing the Pistons.

So for all of you lucky bastards who have RaptorsTV out there, enjoy the game.

Bosh will be on a high from his All-Star nod and I expect him to dominate if he gets to battle it out with Kwame!

You can never count out the Lakers because of Kobe but the Raps should take care of business at home. If the threes are falling like the other night it may not even be close.

Win this one for T.J. guys, he is back and ready to help the Raps make a run at the playoffs.

Raps win 104-95 and every gets some Friday night pizza.

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