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Guys pass this along to your girlfriends, female friends, mom’s, sisters, guy friends who would be interested and anyone who may answer the question. Who will be this year’s Rap-chelor? You will decide.


There are endless report cards and reviews and breakdowns of the current Toronto Raptors squad all over the Internet. We all know about their skills on the court already. I thought I would come up with a whole new rating system that the female hoops fans can get involved in.

This rating or report card is going to be mostly from the female’s perspective.

In honour of Valentine’s Day, over the next few weeks I want you to comment on how you would rate each of the posted Raptors based on the following sytem.

The Categories

Best smile
Creepy factor
Most kissable
Best marriage material
Just a one-nighter
Most mysterious
Best eyes
Best physique
Biggest cute factor

So copy this list and paste it into the comments section. Next to each category enter what player you think is tops in each.

EG. Tallest - Rasho

On Valentine’s day I will post the results. Who will be the best Raptor in each category??The player who wins the most categories will be crowned this year’s Rap-chelor

Good luck to all and please submit as many comments as you want.

The Contestants











Sorry to all the Darrick Martin, Juan Dixon and Joey Graham fans. I did not want anyone to start to feel like this was homework.

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