I have decided not even to comment on the Raptors disgusting loss to the New York Knicks last night. We all know what needs to be said so I am not even going to go there. If you want to read about what happened please head on over to The Arsenalist. He does not hold back. Instead I spent my night watching a different form of hoops and it was right in front of my face. The outcome was the same but at least I got to have some ice cold beers with it.

My friend Josh won some tickets to go see the Halifax Rainmen. They play in the ABA and this is their first season playing here. They were up against the best team in the league, the Vermont Frost Heaves (yep it is true) so I was expecting a blowout. The seats were pretty good and the action was somewhat exciting. Pretty sad that the loudest the place got was for the halftime contest for a trip to Toronto.

I can’t name any of the players even after watching them. The Frost Heaves stormed back in the fourth to take the game and the whole place was pretty letdown. No idea why, it was last vs. first, what were they expecting?

There were a few weird rules in this league. One was the home team gets to dress a 13th man and it is a celeb from the city. The chosen one on this night was one of the local radio hosts. He got some burn late but was not given any looks.

The second odd rule was this mysterious three-point light. The backboard would show a red light at various points in the game and when it was on it meant all hoops were worth three points. Crazy eh? Like a power up in a video game. David Stern never thought of that one.

Anyways here is the rest of the night in pictures and a video of a pimp, his son and some little kid who just showed up.

Oh the last few pictures are of my walk home as a snowstorm hit us.



Meet the Rainmen


The ever important tip


The one fan trying to distract free throws




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