Every Monday we will take a look at all of the keywords that have brought people to Cuzoogle and construct something interesting out of it.

People want to get nude!

This week it is nude pictures that seems to be driving the bus towards Cuzoogle based on what google has to say. Here are the top 10 keywords searched that ended up bringing eyes to the blog in the last seven days. Cuzoogle is not big on posting nude pictures but it does not mean we can’t tell you wear to go.

1. parvati shallow nude - Now I am sure Jeff Probst has a few but there are no known nude pictures of Miss Shallow on the Internet. Follow the arrows and use your imagination on the picture below until some real photos surface.


2. danica mckellar


3. kate beckinsale

4. parvati shallow - See above, man she is popular on Cuzoogle.

5. amanda kimmel nude - Just like Parvati, there has to be some pics out there but we have not seen them yet. Her ass did make the cut though.


6. eva green

7. alexander ovechkin - This photo came up for Alexander and we cleary liked it better.

8. amanda beard - To see the real good pictures go here.

9. winnie - See above

10. winnie cooper - See above.

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