Just over five weeks ago we posted when all of the television shows you love were coming back with new episodes. A few have started already but the wave is just about to hit fully. Here is an update of what to expect when you turn on your television in the coming days.

Thanks to the good folks over at TVsquad.

Series premiere in Italic and Bold

March 30th

Cold Case (CBS) — Six episodes to air.

The Tudors (Showtime) — Season premiere

State of the Union (Showtime) — The newest Tracey Ullman program.

March 31st

The Hills (MTV) — Ten episodes to air.

April 1st

Hell’s Kitchen (FOX) — Season premiere

April 2nd

Criminal Minds (CBS) — Seven episodes to air.

CSI: New York (CBS) — Seven episodes to air.

The Real World (MTV) — The 20th season!

April 3rd

CSI (CBS) — Six episodes to air

Without a Trace (CBS) — Six episodes to air.

My Name is Earl (NBC) — Nine episodes to air.

April 4th

Duel (ABC) — Season premiere

Ghost Whisperer (CBS) — Six episodes to air.

Numb3rs (CBS) — Six episodes to air.

Battlestar Galactica (Sci Fi) — Season premiere. Two BSG specials to air on March 28th.

April 7th

Samantha Who? (ABC) — Six episodes to air.

April 8th

NCIS (CBS) — Seven episodes to air.

Boston Legal (ABC) — Six episodes to air.

April 9th

Idol Gives Back (FOX)

April 10th

30 Rock (NBC) — Five episodes to air.

The Office (NBC) — Seven episodes to air.

Scrubs (NBC) — Five episodes to air.

ER (NBC) — Six episodes to air

April 11th

The Sarah Jane Adventures (SCI FI) — The Doctor’s most favorite companion in her own series.

April 13th

Desperate Housewives (ABC) — Seven episodes to air.

April 14th

One Tree Hill (CW) — Six episodes to air.

Dirty Jobs (Discovery)

Bones (FOX) — Damn you, American Idol, for mucking up the schedule. Six episodes to air.

April 15th

According to Jim (ABC) — Seven episodes to air. I know, it’s exciting.

Work Out (Bravo) — Season premiere

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC) — Five episodes to air.

April 16th

‘Til Death (FOX) — 11 episodes to air.

Back To You (FOX) — Nine episodes to air.

The Big 4-0 (TV Land) — Oh, TV Land, what happened to you?

April 18th

Doctor Who (Sci Fi) — Season premiere, and actually not too long after it airs on BBC.

April 20th

Brothers & Sisters (ABC) — Four episodes to air.

April 21st

Gossip Girl (CW) — Five episodes to air.

House (FOX) — Four episodes to air.

April 23rd

Mythbusters (Discovery)

Law & Order (NBC)

April 24th

Ugly Betty (ABC) — Five episodes to air.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) — Five episodes to air.

Lost (ABC) — Five episodes to air.

Supernatural (CW) — Four episodes to air.

April 25th

Moonlight (CBS) — Four episodes to air.

April 26th

Robin Hood (BBC America) — Season premiere.

The Graham Norton Show (BBC America) — Season premiere. Or, as they say across the pond, series premiere. I know, it gets confusing.

April 27th

Aliens in America (CW) — Four episodes to air

April 28th

Wildfire (ABC Family) — Five episodes to air.

April 29th

Shark (CBS) — Four episodes to air.

May 12th

American Gladiators (NBC) — Season premiere

May 22nd

So You Think You Can Dance (FOX) — Season premiere

Last Comic Standing (NBC) — Season premiere

May 29th

Swingtown (CBS)

Not returning until next season

24 (FOX) — Premiering in January 2009

Chuck (NBC)

Dirty Sexy Money (ABC)

Heroes (NBC)

Life (NBC)

Private Practice (ABC)

Pushing Daisies (ABC)

The Shield (FX)

Stargate Atlantis (SCI Fi) — Or maybe this summer, who knows.

Not returning at all

Big Shots (ABC)

Bionic Woman (NBC)

Carpoolers (ABC)

Cavemen (ABC)

Journeyman (NBC)

K-Ville (FOX)

Las Vegas (NBC)

Life is Wild (NBC)

Nashville (FOX)

quarterlife (NBC)

The Return of Jezebel James (FOX)

Viva Laughlin (CBS)

The Wire (HBO)

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