On Friday night T.J. Ford dropped one of those ankle busting, killer crossovers on Jarod Jeffries of the Knicks. It peaked the interest of Cuzoogle’s hoops department enough to motivate them to put together a list of some of the best ankle busters in the NBA.

(in no particular order)

Allen Iverson


Steve Nash


Baron Davis


Dwyane Wade


Tony Parker


Deron Williams


Chris Paul


Kobe Bryant


Tracy McGrady


Carmelo Anthony


Rajon Rondo


LeBron James


Not to forget the Bigs

Kevin Garnett


Did we forget someone? Of course we did and I am sure you are already going to the comment section to let us know.


Best of the 2007-08 season

Part 1

[youtube=]Part 2

[youtube=]Part 3


timhardaway.gifDefining the Killer Crossover

Remember Tim Hardaway? He was one of the best ever at the killer crossover.

A killer crossover isn’t how good the crossover looks, it’s how the defender reacts to it.

This is how you do it courtesy of Degerstrom.

Start with the ball in the strong hand. First, look at your defender and figure out what kind of defender he is. This will help do the the cross better. Start with ball in hand and take a quick step forward with right leg and put ball between leg to left hand.

If your defender jumps backward, the cross will work, if he is not fazed by it do the move again and go past him. Now after you have figured out what your defender jumps, you can do the crossover.

Now, start with the ball in the weak hand, put it between your leg to the right hand and while doing that, take a quick side hop while dribbling between your leg when you see your defender start to hop to where your going, and he will if he’s a good defender.

Then plant your left foot on the ground and take a side step with your right and then cross to the left hand and don’t stand there and let your defender recover, dribble to the hoop and dunk.

Got it, now go out in the driveway and bust some ankles.

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