Watching the Raptors lose got you down? Is listening to Chuck and Leo driving you nuts? Well why not turn that frown upside down and make the whole night fun for everyone.

Gather your friends (or not) and set up some booze in front of you while watching the game. If you stick to the following rules, it will not matter what happens in the game or what Ch-Eo says, you will be way to hammered to care. Now that is Raptors basketball at it’s best.

The Chuck and Leo drinking game

Number of Drinks can be measured in “fingers” (refers to number of fingers against the side of the glass - this should even up size advantage). You could go with sip, gulp, slurp, down the drink too. Additional “tack on” drinks are noted.

What you need: Booze of choice, tray of sliced salami and cheese

Drink when:


* Says “You gotta love Raptors basketball.”
* Says “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
* Mentions The University of Michigan.
* Introduces the TV crew.
* Two drinks when he says “sick, wicked and nasty.”
* When a three pointer goes out to anywhere outside of Toronto.
* Talks sbout his hair or lack of hair.
* Goes crazy for something that is not that exciting.
* Calls someone “all class.”
* Uses the term “getting some burn.”
* Four drinks if he gives his actual , honest opinion and not one of the MLSE.
* When he gets out the salami and cheese, well you eat some salami and cheese.


* Talks about Canada basketball.
* Eggs on Chuck about bringing out the salami and cheese.
* Goes on about Chuck and how he talks to the guy he picks for his X-factor.
* Tries to make Jason Kapono sound like he is good player.
* Tries to be funny.

Bonus game depending on what channel the game is on

Adnan Virk

* Makes a movie reference.
* Does his whole talk without taking a breath.
* Compliments Chuck or Leo.

Rod Black

* Says something stupid (potentially a potential first round matchup).

Cuzoogle wants to remind you that drinking and driving to the hoop is a bad idea.

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