We have all either stole something or at the very least thought about stealing something in our life.

Well this guy in Lewiston, Maine had some real onions.

Police say a man stole an electric guitar from a music store by shoving it down his pants and walking out.

Just sitting here and trying to imagine doing that boggles my mind. If only there was video footage of this.

Police say the theft occurred last week and they’re actually looking for three men. One of the men shoved a Fender Stratocaster in his pants and pulled a sweatshirt over the top.

The other two acted as lookouts and most likely trying not to laugh their ass off.

All three can be seen on footage from video surveillance.

Strangely enough, the music shop has seen this method before - a man did the same thing in 2006 but was caught as he tried to walk out.

What next, a drum set in someone’s purse?

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