Have some money burning a hole in your pocket? Want something to bet on instead of the meaningless games left on the NBA sked? Why not bet on who you think will get to the NBA Finals. I checked out what the sportsbooks had to say and here are the odds listed for all possible matchups involving the Toronto Raptors.

Raptors vs Hornets 140 - 1

Raptors vs Jazz 180 - 1

Raptors vs Lakers 50 - 1

Raptors vs Mavs 200 - 1

Raptors vs Nuggets 600 - 1

Raptors vs Rockets 300 - 1

Raptors vs Spurs 60 - 1

Raptors vs Suns 100 - 1

Raptors vs Warriors 300 - 1

I am liking those odds to meet the Lakers in June. Now if only L.A. can win the West because we all know the Raptors are going to shock the East.

If you would like to check out your team and how they stack up please check out the full listing here.

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