Brackets Never Looked So Good

Since it began way back in 2004 the theme of this blog (and it’s variations) has always been about the Toronto Raptors. Breaking down the players, each game and what I think about them. From time to time I mention what movies or TV shows I have seen or I may even post a recipe that I cooked up. But the house that Cuzoogle built has always been leaning on a foundation hand crafted out of a group of women who may not be that famous but are certainly worth looking at.

Of course I am talking about the Babes of Survivor.If you are a regular reader you have seen them plastered into every nook and cranny that will hold them.

All of the lovely ladies that have graced the screens for 16 seasons trying to outwit, outplay and outlast each other. Why can’t they all just get along and hang out by the pool? Anyways.

Some of them have gone on to be pretty famous while others have vanished back into Americana. Well they are all coming back.

Since the day I posted a long list of every hottie that has been on Survivor it has easily been the most viewed and linked post going. So what is the next step in capitalizing on what is already working?

The answer seems pretty obvious to me. Brackets!! We are all probably in withdrawl of the Final Four basketball tourney and need a little competition to fill the work day. Might as well mix it with looking at ladies.

So the game is simple, babe vs. babe to determine who is the hottest Survivor walking the planet earth.

The committee that made up the seedings did not have to camp out in a boardroom for weeks. Instead it was totally based on our opinion. If someone got ripped off, their hotness should fix the situation.

You decide, you argue and you enjoy.

The Breakdown

(click for full size bracket)

There are four regions with 1-16 seeds. To avoid watering down the brackets with non-hotties, each of the top 3 seeds in each region get a first round bye. I mean they were going to win anyways, There is no Princeton offense or bad free throw shooting teams here. So if you are looking for Amanda, Parvati, Amber or Elizabeth, they won’t be going to battle until next week.

From there it is simple, win and move on.

Starting today, all first round matchups are posted for your voting. The voting will take place until the following Sunday afternoon at 8pm ET.

Then on Monday the next round will start and so on until we reach the Final Four. How exciting.

Will all four No. 1 seeds advance just like the hoops tourney or will there be upsets and cinderella stories?

Keep coming back to vote and keep track of who is winning.

It is all about you to make it as fun and competitive as possible.

May the best babe win.

I only wish there would be a One Shining Moment montage at the end with all the women having a massive pillow fight. Oh well Jeff Probst can dream.

Commence voting now!!

Remember the top 3 seeds in each bracket have a first round bye and if you are not sure who to pick click on their name to see more photos or you can hit the list made by Cuzoogle

Round One


No. 8 Danielle DiLorenzo vs. No. 9 Jennifer Lyon

Final score 40% - 60%


No. 5 Alexis Jones vs. No. 12 Kim Mullen

Final Score 49%-51%


No. 4 Leann Slaby vs. No. 13 Michelle Yi

Final Score 85%-15%


No. 6 Becky Lee vs. No. 11 Tanya Vance

Final Score 42%-58%


No. 7 Jessie Camacho vs. Neleh Dennis

Final Score 82%-12%



No. 8 Sally Schumann vs. No. 9 Stacey Stillman

Final Score 57%-43%


No. 5 Brianna Varela vs. No. 12 Peih-Gee Law

Final Score 96%-4%


No. 4 Jerri Manthey vs. No. 13 Sundra Oakley

Final Score 68%-32%


No. 6 Jaime Dugan vs. No. 11 Ami Cusack

Final Score 85%-15%


No. 7 Candice Woodcock vs. No. 10 Kelly Goldsmith

Final Score 74%-26%



No. 8 Morgan McDevitt vs. No. 9 Kimmi Kappenberg

Final Score 90%-10%


No. 5 Gina Crews vs. No. 12 Courtney Yates

Final Score 62%-38%


No. 4 Jenna Lewis vs. No. 13 Janu Tornell

Final Score 84%-16%


No. 6 Jessica Deban vs. No. 11 Nicole Delma

Final Score 83%-17%


No. 7 Stacey Kimball vs. No. 10 Dolly Neely

Final Score 22%-78%



No. 8 Stephanie LaGrossa vs. No. 9 Kelly Wigglesworth

Final Score 97%-3%


No. 5 Brooke Struck vs. No. 12 Cecilia Mansilla

Final Score 67%-33%


No. 4 Sarah Jones vs. No. 13 Cindy Hall

Final Score 78%-22%


No. 6 Kim Powers vs. No. 11 Ashlee Ashby

Final Score 36%-64%


No. 7 Flicka Smith vs. No. 10 Christa Hastie

Final Score 77%-23%


That ends the first round. Vote as many times as you want and check back on Monday to see who moves on.

Just wanted to thank ENAN for the header image. I found it on google images and added the final four part.

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