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I think it is fair to say that the NBA Playoffs are going to be a real dog fight, no pun intended (okay yes it was).

No not the Michael Vick (prick) kind of dog fight. You know what I am talking about.

The battle to win the NBA crown and to see who is still standing after two months of hoops.

This year’s playoffs have all of the makings of something special and we don’t even have the Warriors in the mix.

For a different take on how the postseason will go I annoyed the hell out of my owner Cuzzy to do a post from a dog’s point of view. I sit there while the game is on, I hear the endless debates going on in the house so I think I have an inside track on which big dog is going to bark it’s way into June and grab the basketball bling.

First a little background so you know who you are dealing with here. My name is Bosco and I am almost 5-years old. I am a Chocolate Lab living in Halifax, Nova Scotia and yes I do like long runs on the beach.

I am real baller (tennis balls) and have been a fan of the game since day one. I sit on the couch while Cuzzy watches the Raptors play and even though I may look bored to death I am actually taking mental notes. I appear to be on the floor chewing a bone while the ABC game of the week is on but in fact I am breaking down teams so I can now write this post.

One of my great skills is finding a tennis ball in the forest but does that really qualify me to predict the outcome of the NBA playoffs? Well to be honest I think I have just as much talent and expert analysis as Kenny and Charles and c’mon who would you rather look at?

So after months and months of watching games and pretending to read newspapers and instead of peeing on them I have made my opening round picks. Don’t judge me to harshly because after all I am only a dog and I still from time to time chase my tail.

The East otherwise known as the dog house

Atlanta vs. Boston

I have been in love with the Boston Three-Party ever since the American media told me that is who I should like. I am a pretty impressionable dog and if you put something in front of me enough I am going to eat it up. Living in a city that gets all of the local New England channels it is easy to get brain washed.

KG is one of my fave players so it is no doubt I am siding with the Celtics in this series. As much as I love underdogs, the Hawks are not going to have a prayer to pull off a historic upset.

Keep an eye on the Bibby-Rondo matchup. Will Rondo fade when the pressure rises? We all know Bibby is clutch and just maybe he can steal a game. Sadly the Hawks won’t be pissing on any Boston fire hydrants this year.

Bosco’s take: Celtics in 5


Detroit vs. Philadelphia

Motown and Philly could be one of the better opening round series. Yep Detroit is the clear favourite but their games with the Sixers this year have not exactly been a fun day at the park. I am liking the Sixers to give Detroit all it can handle but of course run out of gas at the end.

Detroit is like the old dog that you can’t teach new tricks. They know they should try as hard as they can every game but they tend to get bored, take the foot off the gas and usually let the oppenent hang around longer than they should. This burned them the last few years and it will be interesting to see if they wake up and avoid this issue.

I as do most people, think Sheed is the key to the series and for the Pistons overall in the playoffs. If he is a focused Sheed it is going to be a bad thing for the rest of the East. But if he is out of control, losing his cool Sheed he could be in Pistons fans dog house pretty fast. I like that Stuckey guy as well. He reminds me of a bulldog I play with at the park.

Bosco’s take: Pistons in 7

Orlando vs. Toronto

I have to walk a fine line with this pick.My owner is a Raptors fan and I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds me. I would hate to be limited to dry food and water for the rest of my life, hey wait a second, that is all I get now. Screw it I am being open here.

This is a hard series for me to pick. I am a little too bias simply because I have sat in the chair for almost all of the Raptors games this year. I have Swirsky on the brain and am maybe a little too close to the pet store to see the trees. Does that even make sense? Whatever again, I am a dog.

This series is going to be up for grabs to the team that wants it more and can build any kind of momentum. If the Raptors shooting catches fire they could win. If Dwight Howard explodes on the boards it could push Orlando to victory..

I am thinking some of the key players to this series are Andrea Bargnani and Hedo Turkalo. It is almost a sure thing that Hedo will light it up but it is how well Il Muggo does could affect the series most.

Bosco’s take: Raptors in 7 (only so I keep getting treats)

Cleveland vs. Washington

Again his series is a tough one to call. Kind of like getting taken to the pet store and having to stand in the toy aisle. Way too many choices here.

I really likes to watch LeBron do his thing and of course I am a fan of anyone with the last name Brown. Two checks there for the Cavs. But at the same time I admire the scrappers who fight like hell to win. That would be Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison.

If the refs let both teams play without a lot of weak fouls the Wiz have a shot. If LeBron is at the foul line 20 times a game it will be Cleveland looking like they are Best in Show.

Ben Wallace returning to Ben Wallace of Pistons lore could be the difference. Will it happen? Only the Fro will know.

Bosco’s take: Wizards in 7


The West better known as Dog eat Dog

Denver vs. L.A Lakers

Ah the glamour and excitement of the Lakers being the top dog again. Kobe played nice this season and now trusts him team. That is a scary thought for the rest of the Conference. Denver is kind of like those pretty pups at the park. They are all flash and fancy but no real substance. The Lakers don’t play a lot of D but certainly more than Denver.

The Nuggets will do their usual win two games and out thing. The star power is high and the gambling totals will be even higher.

Bosco’s take: Lakers in 6

Dallas vs. New Orleans

Finally a Dallas team that I can trust going into the playoffs. Why do I trust them? Cause nobody else seems to. J-Kidd is like the dog whisperer when it comes to the playoffs. All of a sudden his threes start to drop and there are few better to lead a team forward.

CP3 and the funky bunch have had a great season but I kind of like Dallas to pull the upset. Nobody will really be that upset if they lose other than Cuban so it is the perfect time for some redemption for last year’s disaster.

Plus Dirk is a cool dude and I would play fetch with him any day.

Bosco’s take: Mavs in 6

Phoenix vs. San Antonio

Now this series is going to be nasty. I am talking bringing the unfixed pit bull to the park nasty. The NBA brass will be keeping en eye on this series. So much drama and so many personalities. Will Shaq be the difference for the Suns this year? I kind of think yes. Shaq and Amare are going to really push Timmy D to the limits.

Nash and Parker kind of cancel each other out so I am going to be a big suck and say the winner will be decided based on Ginobili and Hill. If Manu brings it like he always does in the playoffs the Spurs will be tough to beat. If Hill can overcome a bum ankle he could provide some leadership and bonus points.

Forget who wins I just can’t wait to watch it. No naps for this dog when the Diesel is humming.

Bosco’s take: Flipped a treat, ate the treat and still did not know. Okay Suns in 7

Utah vs. Houston

This one is easy. I don’t like Houston because of the issues T-Mac had with his dogs awhile back. Yes we dogs stick together so tough. McGrady will keep his streak alive of never getting out of the first round.

I love Williams, Boozer and even AK-47. The Jazz are always a sleeper and I think they win this one quick.

The Jazz will be sitting back and laying the sun waiting for their next matchup just like I will be once I hit publish. Nap time for this Chocolate dude. Writing about hoops is tiring, who do people do it so much?

Bosco’s take: Jazz in 5

There you have it. My first ever post and I would have to say it went really well considering I have giant paws.

What are your thoughts? Did you ask your dog what their opinion on the playoffs are? Hell they might answer if you just give it a try.

If allowed I will be back after the first round to give more picks and more insight to what it is like being a dog who likes to watch NBA hoops.

Happy NBA playoffs everyone, I am off to take a poop.

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