Good things come to those who wait.

The Sweet 16 is here guys and I once again apologize for the delay. The upgrade and server issues seem to be fine now (knock on wood) and that means it is time to bring on the voting.

Round 2 kind of went to form except for a big upset in the Probst Region where the No. 2 seed Misty Giles got bumped off. Glad there was at least one big upset so far or it could get a little boring.

All four No. 1 babes are still rocking even though Lady Elizabeth did not dominate her match.

I won’t bore you with endless keystrokes because I know you are here to vote and look at pictures. I have tried to find the best photos of each babe so please forgive me if you don’t like the one posted. Each is linked to google images for others if you need to find them.

Vote now and next week we will see who will make the Elite 8.

Updated Brackets (click for full size)

Previous Results

Round One

Round Two

Round Three


No. 1 Amber Brkich vs. No. 4 Leann Slaby


No. 3 Mary Sartain vs. No. 7 Jessie Camacho



No. 1 Amanda Kimmel vs. No. 5 Brianna Varela


No. 2 Danni Boatwright vs. No. 3 Ashley Massaro



No. 1 Parvati Shallow vs. No. 4 Jenna Lewis


No. 2 Julie Berry vs. No. 3 Heidi Strobel



No. 1 Elizabeth Hasselbeck vs. No. 5 Brooke Struck


No. 2 Colleen Haskell vs. No. 3 Jenna Morasca


There you have it. The Sweet and Sext 16 for your voting enjoyment.

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