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My Chill Pill - Porn for the blind.
The Angry T - What city is home to the hottest women?
Holy Taco - Some still find Katherine Heigl annoying even in a bikini.
Busted Coverage - The You can buy clothes worn by Stacey Keibler.
Co-Ed Magazine - Mets fire Willie, still stuck.
Loser With Socks - Go and vote for Mountain Momma homes.
On 205th - How all hot chicks should dress when grocery shopping.
Tasty Booze - P Diddy is giving grooming advice for guys.
Epic Carnival - Have you ever quit your job over boobs?
Bright Black Internet - Swedish girls love football and I know you love looking at them.
Mac Gs World - A college World Series MILF you have to see.
Brahsome - A candidate for Man of the Year.
Blog of Hilarity - Angelina Jolie is super cool.
Hottest Girls of Myspace - Be careful today’s girl may ruin your life.
Don Chavez - Five reasons the Celtics will win tonight.
Banned in Hollywood - The amazing German hammer guy.
Yep Yep - Revisiting the hottness of Cindy Crawford’s coke commericial.
AfroJacks - A 15-year old that sounds like Johnny Cash.
Uncoached - Forget Euro 2008, how about some topless soccer?
DannyPress -
Kristen Eykal is hot.

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