Every Monday we will take a look at the top keywords that have brought people to Cuzoogle and list them for you.

Alba still doing her thing

Not much has changed in terms of keywords used to find Cuzoogle this week. That is both a good and a bad thing. I do like that for a brief period Cuzoogle was in the top spot when looking at Jessica Alba photos. But it would be good to see some keywords that were not boob related to start gettiing hit a lot more. Oh well time to stop complaining and just list the facts.

1. jessica alba

2. amanda beard

3. parvati shallow

4. amanda kimmel

5. Amanda Kimmel nude

Still no actual picture of Amanda nude so deal with this one.

6. parvati Shallow nude

7. eva green

8. kate beckinsale nude

Again not nude, what are you expecting?

9. barbie blank

10. recycle

Until next week when we see what brings the people in. You can always go back and look at other weeks here.

Popularity: 23% [?]

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