Thanks to the musical ear of a man simply known as Kyle, every week Cuzoogle will feature six songs/videos that you should check out. This week Kyle is featuring Albert Hammond Jr., Stereophonics, Death Cab for Cutie, Lukestar, Brendan Canning and of course his No. 1 pick.

Coincidence and Connection Edition

6. Albert Hammond Jr. – “GFC”, You might recognize this guy from a little garage band he’s in called The Strokes. This really reminds me of Matthew Sweet. I can’t say it enough, in the summer I listen to a lot more happy pop music.


5. Stereophonics – “Pedal pusher”, This feels like a raw jam session. These guys originally called themselves “Blind Faith”, not knowing that the moniker was already taken. They are also big fans of the Tragically Hip, who knew?


4. Death Cab For Cutie – “Cath”, I fell out of love with these guys for a while, but I heard them from across the water when I was playing disc golf last month. This track sounded pretty amazing that day and you’ve got to love a video with the Haas in it.


3. Lukestar – “Lake Toba”, Norwegian power pop and a comic book style video, enough said.


2. Brendan Canning – “Hit The Wall”, I was a huge fan of the band hHead when I was younger, and it’s nice to see my tastes haven’t changed much in fifteen years. I’m pretty sure I saw B.S.S. do a demo version of this track once. What’s with this trend of people wearing animal heads in music videos? Do we have “Donnie Darko” to blame?


1. Wild Beasts – “Devil’s Crayon”, The first thing I ever read about this band was in a review of their last album, it described an “enormous falsetto voice, which soars over chiming guitars…” I agree this is accurate, but the drums caught my attention first. It’s kind of like Rick Astley fronting a muted Jane’s Addiction. Ugh, I’ve got nothing…



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