Before we commence with the Pix today, I just wanted to say thank you to Kyle for reaching his 50th edition. If only there was a way to measure how many people have added new music to their daily play lists because of Six Pix. Join me in congratulating Kyle and enjoy today’s choices. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Thanks to the musical ear of a man simply known as Kyle, every week Cuzoogle will feature six songs/videos that you should check out. This week Kyle is featuring the sounds of Sergeant, Beck, Spleen United, Radiohead, Stereolab and his number one pick.

Fallen Soldiers Edition

6. Sergeant – “K OK”, While I have no problem admitting my weakness for catchy Brit Pop, I am a little sick of every band being referred to as the next Oasis. There is only one band arrogant enough to be Oasis. Besides, these guys are Scottish, which means they are better drinkers…


5. Beck – “Gamma Ray”, I really didn’t expect much from Beck’s newest release, but he seems to have found a comfortable mix of drum loops, morose vocals and staggered chord progressions. Canadians may think he’s singing about Tim Horton’s’, but I assure you, he’s not. Everyone knows that Scientologists hate coffee.


4. Spleen United – “My Tribe”, Three days ago, I had never even heard of these guys, a coworker recommended them and I’m hooked. Danish synth rock might become the new scene. I probably shouldn’t put ideas like these into hipsters’ minds, it just might come true.


3. Radiohead – “House of Cards”, Right now in Toronto people are talking about how much they spent on Radiohead tickets like they talk about soaring gas prices. I really thought I would be sick of the hype by now, but this video is beautiful and the song gets stuck in my head all the time.


2. Stereolab – “Three Women”, I first heard this track about a month ago and have been waiting for the video to get posted to put them on the Pix. The horns in this track sound great and despite being dropped by major labels in the past, I think these guys get better with each release.


1. Fleet Foxes – “White Winter Hymnal”, I was lucky enough to see these guys back in April and they really impressed me. I was also lucky enough to miss the gig that they were supposed to play last night. Originally, I was pretty pissed, but then I heard that they cancelled their performance. The only complaint I have heard about this band is that they sound “too pretty”. That’s a complaint?



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