Thanks to the musical ear of a man simply known as Kyle, every week Cuzoogle will feature six songs/videos that you should check out. This week Kyle is featuring Charlie Hunter Trio, The Spinto Band, Grand Archives, Film School, The Futureheads and of course his No. 1 pick.

The Yellow Post-It Wallpaper Edition

6. Charlie Hunter Trio – “Come as You Are”, This is almost a shout out to my father, he and I really like the Hunter Trio, but he doesn’t care for “modern” covers. I would suggest skipping ahead to the 2:25 mark to avoid the really annoying MTV Europe VJ. He isn’t funny or amusing or even good at his job.


5. The Spinto Band – “Japan is an Island”, I have to thank Honey Bee and Barnudio for turning me on to these guys. The Atari sound effects and video are pretty cool, but this is straight up pop the way I like it. If you like this at all, I recommend checking out more of their songs and/or videos and they’ll probably make more appearances on the Pix, I have been listening to them a lot lately. I like run on sentences.


4. Grand Archives – “Miniature Birds”, Another unfortunate intro, but this tune makes up for it. It’s got a real sing (or whistle) along feel to it. There is an official video for this song, but I don’t care for it, even though it has a road trip quality to it.


3. Film School – “Compare”, I saw this band this week for eight dollars. That’s cheaper than a good six pack. My eardrums are still recovering though. When I go and stand next to the bar it’s for one of two reasons, this time it was due to the sonic assault.


2. The Futureheads – “Walking Backwards”, Every time these guys record an album, they almost break up. Then they tour and all is forgiven. I’ve seen them live a couple of times and they really feed off crowd energy. Maybe they should record live in front of a crowd. Pretty cute video too.


1. Menomena – “Wet and Rusting”, I’ve borrowed from LaBlogoteque a couple of times, live music on the streets of Paris is always appealing to me. This little clip is my absolute new favourite. Even if this isn’t your particular cup of tea, you should really watch up to the 2:40 mark. I swear it’s one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Why can’t we all have that much fun?


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