It has been a few weeks now since Vegas posted futures odds on who will win the 2008-2008 NBA title. Many teams have added new players to the roster since the start of July and with most of the big moves done with it is time to see how they influenced the oddsmakers.

The top two favorites are still the same as last time except now the Celtics and Lakers are tied at +300 to win it all instead of L.A. being the outright fave of +250.

Here are the teams that had the biggest rise in odds since the last time futures odds were posted.

Biggest gainers (previous odds in brackets)

Philadelphia 76ers +4000 (+6000) - If I was not a Raptors fan I would get behind this young and exciting team right now. They ended last season on a tear and even gave the Pistons a minor scare in the playoffs. Now they add Elton Brand! Philly is going to be tough on the boards and a terror on D. I would make them my sleeper in the East at this point because they have the potential to be really good but also not live up to the hype.

Washington Wizards +4000 (+6000) - Now this is a big jump I don’t get. I would bet you can attribute this rise solely to Gilbert Arenas resigning and being healthy. Personally I think the team played better last season without him and the NBA’s resident blogger only seems to take shots away from Jamison and Butler. Then again in the East if everything pans out they could be a wild card. Maybe they should try avoiding the LBJ and the Cavs in the playoffs this time.

Miami Heat +3000 (+4000) - This is the case of a pretty public team getting a lot of love. I know the Heat went from NBA champ to NBA doormat pretty fast but I don’t see it turning around the other way that fast. Sure they have Marion for a full season and Michael Beasley coming in but does anyone really think D-Wade can stay healthy? I know he had to commit for three years to play in the Olympics but he really needed a summer off. I am not buying into the return of the Heat just yet.

Orlando Magic +2000 (+3000) - If the Pistons finally take a stumble, the Magic are ready to take over second spot in the East this season. Dwight Howard could even be a MVP candidate this year in my opinion. They took big steps by winning a round in the playoffs and by adding Mickael Pietrus in the offseason they are hoping to slow down all the guards and small forwards that hurt them last year.

Toronto Raptors +2500 (+3500) - This one is pretty easy to break down. Jermaine O’Neil is in town and the PG drama is gone with Jose Calderon taking over as the starter. On paper the Raps should be better than last year and should do well in the East. As a hardcore fan of the team I am skeptical. Sure I still expect them to finish in the top eight but I still think they need some pieces to get this kind of value. The Raps are always good for ATS winnings but I would not be betting on them for the championship (at least not in my dreams).

Utah Jazz +1200 (+1800) - The Jazz are always a team that will be there in the end. They have the talent, the coaching and the system. All they need is the right seed in the West and a few breaks in the playoffs and they could easily win it all. I think sometimes they get lost in the shuffle just because they are in Salt Lake City.

Phoenix Suns +1600 (+2000) - Hard one to figure in my opinion. The Suns have a new coach, a new system and their stars are a year older. If Nash or Shaq get hurt or run out of gas they are going to have another one round and done kind of year. I guess this rise is based on star power and the public love for the Suns?

New Orleans Hornets +1000 (+1200) - Bringing back basically the same team that almost finished first in the West and adding defensive specialist James Posey makes the Hornets are great choice to spend a few dollars on. Their value is only going to rise as the season gets closer and how can you bet against Chris Paul?

Biggest droppers (previous odds in brackets)

Atlanta Hawks +8000 (+6000) - I think when the origional odds came out the books were probably still drunk on Atlanta taking the Celtics to seven games. Since they have done nothing to give anyone hope that they can climb higher. Josh Childress leaving for Greece is only the beginning. Will they keep Josh Smith happy? Don’t put any of your money on this team unless you are betting they finish ahead of the Knicks.

L.A. Clippers +5000 (+4000) and Golden State Warriors +6000 (+5000) -  I am putting these two teams together because they are pretty much in the same boat. One used to have The Beard and now the other one does. I bet the drop happened because it is really hard to predict if the big moves made will help either team. The Clippers should be better with Davis and Camby but it is the Clippers. The Warriors will still score but life after Baron seems a little iffy to be thinking NBA title. Both teams goal should be making the playoffs period.

Portland Trailblazers +2800 (+2200) - Now this gets filed under confusing. I would of figured the buzz around getting Oden back and all of the young talent in Portland would have oddsmakers pushing them up the charts. I guess people are not buying into last season’s big turnaround just yet. This seems to be a good number to spend a few bucks on, what do you have to lose? If this were next season or the year after, the Blazers would be rising to the top like Greg Oden’s comedy career.

New York Knicks +8000 (+7500) - The Knicks will improve only because they can’t get worse. Even those who work for the Knicks would not drop a  dollar on this team to win the title. If you want to waste your money at least go to a casino, the odds are a lot better. Simply getting rid of Isiah bumped the Knicks this high on the odds board.

Cleveland Cavaliers +1800 (+1500) - The East overall improved and the Cavs did not do anything (yet). Sure they are bringing back Boobie but is that enough to keep King James from looking to bigger and better places. Despite this the Cavs are always a good pick to lay some futures money on because as we have seen before, LeBron can do it all by himself and the East is still winnable if someone takes out the Celts for them.

The Rest

Charlotte Bobcats +10000 (no change)

Chicago Bulls +2000 (no change)

Dallas Mavericks +2000 (no change)

Detroit Pistons  +1000 (+800)

Houston Rockets +1500 (no change)

Indiana Pacers +10000 (no change)

Memphis Grizzlies +20000 (no change)

Milwaukee Bucks +10000 (no change)

Minnesota Timberwolves +15000 (no change)

New Jersey Nets +10000 (no change)

Sacramento Kings +10000 (no change)

San Antonio Spurs +800 (no change)

Seattle Supersonics +15000 (no change)

I will revisit these odds again in a month or so and see what changed.

So now with the big moves made during the NBA offseason, who are you putting your money on to win it all?

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