Happy anniversary Kyle! You have been rockin’ the pix for one year and I must say the collection so far is stellar. I have added many new bands to my play lists thanks to you. Keep going strong. For all you Pix fans, very soon there is a special treat coming for you so stay tuned for that. On with the show.

This week Kyle is featuring Spiritualized, XYZ Affair, Toyko Police Club, Fleet Foxes, Against Me! and of course his No. 1 pick.

Time You Enjoy is Not Wasted Time Edition

6. Spiritualized – “You Lie, You Cheat”, Way back in 1994 I was introduced to this band on an incredible road trip from Halifax to Toronto and back again. The car got stuck in traffic in Montreal and I sat on the roof of the car rolling a cigarette and listening to Spiritualized. I’m really happy for that memory and that these guys still rock.


5. XYZ Affair – “Evening Life”, This is a perfect summer song, they even mention summer in the lyrics. The band is named after a diplomatic coup between the U.S. and France in 1797. I don’t normally like choreographed dancing in videos, but this is pretty sweet. It’s got a pop and lock meets the Temptations vibe to it.


4. Tokyo Police Club – “Graves”, I can’t say enough good stuff about this band, they have amazing energy. Interestingly enough, they are touring Japan right now, I’m curious as to how they will be received there.


3. Fleet Foxes – “Blue Ridge Mountain”, What a very odd introduction by Letterman, but they sound really good. I’ve been following this band ever since I saw them live and didn’t see them live (this was explained in a previous Pix). I’m a big fan of delicious harmonies and this track has that in spades.


2. Against Me! – “New Wave”, There is an official video for this track, but it’s another “Bastards of Young” style snooze fest. I don’t mind a little clip show style of video when it has this much energy behind it. This band’s first album is called “Reinventing Axl Rose” and it’s pretty good.


1. M83 – “Kim and Jessie”, I go on ad nauseum about my penchant for French pop music and this band is no stranger to the Pix. I also just explained my usual dislike for choreography, but this video is hot. I’ve become a fan of roller derby in Toronto, but I would probably go and watch this too. Good luck this weekend, Bay Street Bruisers!


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