When ideas are few and far between for posts all it takes usually is flipping around some of your favorite sites and something will click in. The other day the interns were given the task of coming up with something for the week and while skimming SI.com’s photos of the week, they found this cover shot for the September issue of Esquire Magazine.

Of course from this the interns decided to dust off the Adobe Photoshop and came up with five covers that did not make the cut before the Brady one was chosen.

Okay maybe it is not time to stop hating Brett just yet.

George W. Bush does not care, he is mailing the rest of the year in.

Hard to believe JVG has not graced the cover before.

Brady looks like Stiffler (in our opinion) so this one was an easy pick.

This is for all our ESPN watchers. Is Greenie still annoying?

Please ignore the fact that they are all wearing the same suit. This is not a well funded operation. Remember the Wheaties boxes and how that went over? Yep we do.

Oh and we can’t have a post featuring Tom without showing you a little Gisele.

You are welcome.

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