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Busted Coverage - Four words: Hot, German, Olympics, naked.
Machochip - Vertical arrangement of human bodies is pretty cool.
Loser With Socks - Big 10 vs SEC tourney.
On 205th - Rachel Bilson looks a lot like a street person.
Tasty Booze - Win a hat in this caption contest.
Hottest Girls of Myspace - This girl had a moni doll thing going on.
Don Chavez - The worst day care center ever.
NextRound.net - Tropic Thunder byproducts.
Blog of Hilarity - Jennifer Aniston got dumped.
The Angry T - Winning the sports lottery.
Brahsome - Bigfoot body reported in Georgia.
Banned in Hollywood - Kappa kappa drama.
Uncoached - Movie quotes that have made it into mainstream media.
Yep Yep - ASU football player spreads the SHOCKER.
Inside Plays - MLB ATS and Olympic hottness.
My Chill Pill - Sexiest calendars of 2009.
GorillaMask - Check out the rack on Holly!
The Meaningful Collateral - Chinese newspaper medal count a little fishy.
A Stern Warning - NBA fantasy basketball tips and hints.

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