A few weeks ago we posted a contest that offers up the chance to win cash, free advertising and a lot of links for beefing up the blog. Well the time has come to go from promoting to making it all happen.

In total 25 blogs signed up and are all ready to take on each other by picking NFL games each week for the entire season. They all have been informed what they have to do and what is at stake so now it is time to get down to business.

You will see on the right side of the blog there is a widget dedicated to this contest. Each week the blog with the best record will have their 125×125 ad featured in that spot. We encourage you to click on the winning blog’s ad and visit the site that has bragging rights for the week.

This will go on for the entire NFL season and at the end the overall winner will take home a cash prize and free advertising for the remainder of the NFL playoffs in that same widget. The blogs that come second and third will also take home some prize money.

The Rules

Before the season starts on Sept 4. there will be a post listing all of the week’s matchups and four games we want final score totals for (for tiebreakers). Then all the bloggers have to do is make their picks. Since the season starts on a Thursday it will be an earlier post than normal.

To avoid copying picks we ask that you cut and paste the matchups from the post and email us your winners and tie breaker scores and then leave a comment on that same post saying you emailed them. This way it will be easy to keep track of who sent in picks and you will also get a link to your latest post thanks to CommentLuv.

There will be a few records that are the same each week so for tie breaking purposes we will use the following system. There will be four games you need to list what you think the final score total will be and whoever is the closest without going over on Game 1 gets it the win. If it is still tied we use Game 2 and so on. If the four games don’t decide it, we will use a random formula to pick a winner.

For the weeks where there is a game on Thursday, please have picks in by Tuesday night. For normal weeks please have your picks in by the end of the day on Friday. I won’t be bugging you or reminding you so please try and remember.

The games are played with beer and food overdose.

On Tuesday morning (or earlier depending on when the Monday nighter ends) we will post the standings with everyone’s records and a link to your most recent post. The weekly winner will get their 125×125 ad put into the widget and the bragging can begin. This process will repeat every week throughout the regular season.

Then later Tuesday the next set of matchups get posted……..and we do it all over again. Make sense?

Feel free to leave comments to trash talk everyone and say how awesome you are.

The Cuzoogle interns want to ask that all participating make this as easy as possible. Please send your picks in on time and use the format we provide. It is understandable that shit happens and there will be times when you are late.

We will take care of the occasional mistake but if it starts cutting into Digg and Stumble time then that is a problem. Cranky interns.

Okay enough with the rules, here are the lucky ones fighting it out for the Pigskins Picks title. Visit all of them if you like.


Blogs (in no particular order)

Yep Yep
The Sports Dungeon
Waiting for Next Year
The Sports Lounge
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NESW Sports
The Blue Workhorse
My Sports Rumors
Inside Plays
Juiced Sports Blog
Buzz Pirates
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The Chocolate Dog Blog
NE Patriots Draft
The Sports Dollar
Women Like Sports
Don Chavez
Banned in Hollywood
Mac Gs World
Macho Chip
Zoner Sports
Sports Opinion

Here is a master list of everyone’s RSS feed as well.

Good luck everyone.

Any questions or if something is not right please let us know.

Aug 22

update: Thanks to too many emails we missed one of the blogs that entered a long time ago. Sorry to Jeff at Sports Opinion, we have added you and will make the changes with everyone else.

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