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There are few sporting events I watch on television, but every four years the Summer Olympics grabs me and holds my attention tight for 14-days of incredible international competition. Sure, it’s amazing to see the world’s premier athletes jockey for dominance in their respective sport, but with the introduction of beach volleyball in 1992, and its subsequent rise to official Olympic sport status in 1996, I’ve come to the conclusion that amongst the reasons I watch the Olympic Games, is the reality that female Olympians are hot. I mean really hot. So-hot-as-to-rival-the-oppressive-35-degree-90-percent-humidity-that-Beijing-is-known-for, hot.

Yelena Isinbayeva, Russian gold medalist in the pole vault would look as “at home” gracing the runways of Milan as she does gliding over a bar, set at an altitude that I would consider using supplemental oxygen to summit.

Or Kerri Walsh, one half of America’s undefeated-since-the-dawn-of-time beach volleyball team, whose statuesque 6’3” frame calls to me in my dreams. Sure, the skimpy bikinis don’t hurt, but bikinis are simply elastic and Lycra until someone puts them on.

In fact, with the exception of weight lifting, shot-put, and discuss, there really isn’t an Olympic physique I don’t find somewhat attractive. Even as I look at the stalky female wrestlers, the idea of a woman that could fold me into a pretzel is strangely enticing.

So I admit it. As much as I love the interpersonal stories of the athletes, the quest for victory in competition and the nationalistic pride I feel when I see the maple leaf hanging over a podium and “Oh Canada” being echoed throughout the stands, I realize I would be just as content to have my television on mute, happy just to watch these stunning women compete, stopping periodically only to wipe the drool from my chin and the saliva from my poor TV screen.

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