Well the giant party is finally over, the 2008 Olympic games have come to a close. We are all pretty sad at Cuzoogle HQ because we love having sports on during the day and it made it easy to think of post topics.

There were so many great stories and so many hot button topics from the last two weeks in Beijing, it would be crazy not to revisit them one more time.

Since there are only a few more days to cash in on Olympic news before college football takes over, we decided to go back to our bread and butter.

The silly photoshopped movie posters.

Love em or hate em, they are always fun to create and we hope you enjoy them and share them with friends.

Without further delay, here are seven Olympic tales that will be coming to the big screen near you very soon.

Check them out after the jump.

Little Miss Sunshine 2 was a request by GrandmasterB. IF you want some professional design done (unlike these posters) you should check out his blog.

If you liked those you may also want to check out Usain Bolt heading to the NFL.

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