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Who needs the Olympics? Things are just getting good in the sporting world. Pennant races, kickoff in the English Premiership with NFL kickoff to follow shortly, and NHLers will soon put away the golf clubs and start drinking light beers to prep for training camp.

Best of all, college football kicks off this week. Here’s how I see the BCS conferences playing out this year - feel free to call me a douchebag in the comments section below.


Champ - Virginia Tech (again)

Chump - Duke (again)

Best team to lay money on - Wake Forest (again)

Best team to fade - Miami (again)

Most disappointed fan base - Clemson (again)

Most important regular-season conference game - Clemson at Wake Forest, Oct. 9

T-Roc says - Wake’s kicker, Sam Swank, is a big reason why I’ll play the Deacons a lot. Reliance on a kicker is a sure sign of a shite conference.

Big East

Champ - South Florida

Chump - Syracuse

Best team to lay money on - Cincinnati

Best team to fade - Connecticut

Most disappointed fan base - West Virginia

Most important conference game - South Florida at West Virginia, Dec. 6

T-Roc says - I’ll likely play on the Big East a lot in early non-conference games. I’ll keep you abreast of any corresponding bankruptcy proceedings.

Big Ten

Champ - Ohio State

Chump - Minnesota

Best team to lay money on - Northwestern

Best team to fade - Michigan

Most disappointed fan base - Michigan

Most important conference game - Penn State at Wisconsin, Oct. 11 (for 2nd place)

T-Roc says - I’ve stopped hatin’. This shit’s tight. But I doubt anyone can prevent OSU from going 8-0 in the conference with a bunch of those wins as blowouts.

Big 12

Champ - Oklahoma

Chump - Baylor

Best team to lay money on - Colorado

Best team to fade - Texas

Most disappointed fan base - Texas

Most important conference game - Texas Tech at Oklahoma, Nov. 22

T-Roc says - I’ll love watching the Big 12. I dunno if anyone can touch Missouri in the North. I’ll play the Tigers as favourites a lot, methinks.


Champ - USC

Chump - Washington State

Best team to lay money on - Oregon

Best team to fade - UCLA

Most disappointed fan base - Washington

Most important conference game - Oregon at Arizona State, Oct. 25 (for 2nd place)

T-Roc says - USC should go 9-0, but the Trojans have looked that way the last couple preseasons and gone 7-2. So fuck them. And fuck Pete Carroll too… pretty boy.


Champ - Florida

Chump - Vanderbilt

Best team to lay money on - Auburn

Best team to fade - Arkansas

Most disappointed fan base - Tennessee

Most important conference game - LSU at Auburn, Sept. 20

T-Roc says - Too close to call at the top. A lot will come down to schedule, injuries and coaching decisions. I like Urban Meyer and Tommy Tuberville to win their respective divisions.

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