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Been a few days, time to make up ground

Busted Coverage - Busted Coverage is telling us to bet on Cocks?.
Machochip - Portland gym looks to turn fat cells into power cells.
Loser With Socks - An open letter to the Ding Dong.
Tasty Booze - Don’t piss off your girl.
Hottest Girls of Myspace - Sarah Spain is one hell of a Bears fan.
Don Chavez - Hand gliding can be fun.
NextRound.net - Movies that Vin Diesel did not suck in.
Blog of Hilarity - Hot dogs still tasty and won’t cause cancer.
The Angry T - ACC football preview.
Brahsome - Who cheats harder, Bama or Clemson?
Yep Yep - Jason Kidd leaves Nike.
Bright Black Internet - Pamela Anderson looking old and haggard.
My Chill Pill -
Sophie monk has a sexy style.
Buzz Pirates -
10 most expensive celeb divorces.
The Beer Goggler
- Christina Ricci trims her bush.
Uncoached -
Laura Lane is this blogger’s new crush.
On 205th
- Stacey Keibler really needs to get naked.
Mac Gs World - Chuggin in the Wrigley bleachers.
Epic Carnival - Detroit Lions preview, they still suck.
World of Isaac - What Jesse Jackson really said about Barack.
Derober - Diddy is a victim of big oil.
Banned in Hollywood - Five tailgate essentials.
Coed Magazine - Babes of the US Open.
Liquid Generation - Hot or heavy?
NESW Sports - Mike Schmidt and Tommy Lasorda, Sports Machine, SNL, Video

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