When the regular folk suffer any kind of injury that stops them from exercising they usually start to pack on the pounds. Now that all-world super cool guy Tom Brady is on the shelf, will he find it hard to fight off the food? He apparently once had a BMI (body mass index) of 27.4, putting him solidly in the overweight category of 25 - 29.9.

Having a super model girlfriend who probably lives on rice cakes and vodka will help out but is there anyone else looking out for him? Maybe a side kick? Matt Cassel?

We put together a quick movie poster to show what could happen if Tommy does not watch what he eats.

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So what if Tom eats his way to feeling better. Food as we all know is comforting when things are not going well. If the Patriots season starts to tank, there will be a lot of grilled cheese and cookies in Brady’s future.

As long as Gisele sticks to the rice cakes and does not start sneaking the sweets and loading up on carbs, everyone (but Pats fans) should be happy.

After all does the world really need to see this?

Oh sorry guys, quick snap back to reality with this.

Thanks to TomBradyfacts for giving us the inspiration.

The boys at Cuzoogle would like to dedicate this post to Reid, who as we now know is a big fan. Check out his blog over at USA Today.

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That should be enough Brady for everyone. Enjoy the day.

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