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As sports fans we all have a list of athletes we hate. The guys who you can’t stand because they always destroy your favourite team, the players that suck so bad you think you can do better and of course the dudes that you physically can’t stand to look at. There are many and that is what makes sports great.

Here are seven NBA players that irritate the crap out of me for all of the reasons listed above.

Manu Ginobili - Is there a more annoying player in the NBA if you are not a Spurs fan? Plus he torches the Raps.

Damon Jones - If only he was as good as he thinks he is.

Drew Gooden - Look at him, enough said.

Gilbert Arenas - The guy is overhyped and actually makes his team worse.

Jeff Foster - Again, look at him. Plus he always kills the Raps on the boards.

Anderson Varejao - I can’t stand how much the word “hustle” is used for this guy. He should be in a new flick called Hustle and Flop.

Vince Carter - Finally the most irritating guy in the whole league. As a Raptors fan I am not even going to explain my hatred for this fool.

Others up for consideration: Tim Duncan, Andre Miller and anyone who wears one of those baby blue Nuggets jerseys.

Who really irritates you as a NBA fan and why?

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