Wow Survivor is back tonight and for the first time ever it really snuck up on us. Usually there is more press about it and hype although there have been a lot of TV ads and Jeff P was on the Emmys.

So what can you expect from Survivor Gabon? From the promos it seems like they are amping up the temptation and pretty people which is fine by us. After all the hotties of Survivor (Parvati, Amber, Amanda) have been a meal ticket for this blog.

Here are a few things you need to know about the new contestants, possible changes to the format and of course our pick to win the whole thing.

First a run-down of the contestants.

Gillian - 61-years old and the grandmother of four. She’s from South Africa and has applied every season. She’s a psych nurse and seems to be ready to play a crafty game.

Our take: Token old person/mom, she will last a few shows but get booted when it is clear she can’t compete in the challenges.


Danny - a 25-year old maintenance man who loves music. Lots of tattoos. Danny will be known as “GC” on the show because there’s another Danny on the show. He’s struggled with being homeless - his mother in prison. Maybe the skills he learned through those hardships will help him on “Survivor.”

Our take: The homeless thing will come in handy and as long as he does not annoy everyone with how “street” he is, he could go far.


Jacquie - is a 25-year old is a medical device salesperson - busy trying to climb the corporate ladder. Very cute and blonde and from California.

Our take: Will make the merge and nice to look at. May try too hard to get into an alliance too fast.


Charlie - is 29-years old and a marathon runner - and openly gay. He says he used to be obese with bad acne, but then got into running.

Our take: We hear he is a lawyer as well. Add that all up and it has the making of someone who likes to argue and is not ready to really rough it. Early out.


Ken - is a 22-year old professional video gamer and college student. He has climbed Mount Fuji in Japan.

Our take: Dude, like he is a video gamer. I am sure that will go over well with the tribe. Do you think he has ever gone 39 days without playing Halo? He will crack and want to go home.


Michelle - is currently working as a music production assistant and is a boxer. In the preview she did a bunch of shadowboxing. She moved out on her own at the age of 15 and started boxing at 18. She moved to Hawaii and got married.

Our take: She does not look like much of a boxer to us but we will take her word for it and enjoy the view.


Ace - is a 27 year old photographer and shows off by walking on his hands on the beach. He’s got a shaved head and looks very athletic.

Our take: This guy has all the makings of the two-timer who wants to be in everyone’s little game. Could go far or be gone fast.


Jessica - aka Sugar - is an actress and promises to be this year’s “dumb blonde.” She’s going into this with the plan to act naive and sweet. She loves the 50’s and looks the part. She says she there for “comic relief” because she’s not very physical. Her dad died seven months ago, her necklace is her “luxury item.”

Our take: The flirt who gets the dumb jocks doing whatever she wants. A definite contender for the final four if she does not piss off the other ladies. Oh and a possible new fave.


Crystal - age 29, promises to not tell anyone her credentials (Olympic gold-medalist athlete). If they find out about it, she’ll be voted out immediately.

Our take: They are going to figure out pretty fast she is an athlete when she fills the void of James from last season. She looks like she will be a worker that is for sure.


Marcus - is a 28-year old from Georgia. He’s young, good looking, a triathlete and a doctor. He was voted Georgia’s Hottest Bachelor in 2006 by Cosmo magazine. He’s single and is planning on using his charms on the “cute girls on the island.”

Our take: Pretty boys rarely do well, especially when they have no body hair. How is this guy going to handle not shaving? Eye candy for the ladies.


Kelly - an Illinois salesperson and student - is 22-years old. Long blonde hair. Kelly is the hot chick of the season and she loves being the hot girl, and she’s ready to be hot whenever you need her to be.

Our take: Don’t need to know anymore than that. The hot chick will go far and Cuzoogle will benefit.


Matty - a 29-year old personal trainer from California - grandson of James Whitmore and Audra Lindley. He inherited a trust fund at 18 and subsequently lost it all. He has a girlfriend at home but feels that the “beautiful people” on Survivor will be a challenge for him.

Our take: Again no hair for real? He looks like the nice guy who will do everything he can to get on people’s good sides. Oh Matty you are the best……thanks Matty you rock……barf.


Corinne - is 29-years old and left her job to be on the show. Jeff Probst is calling Corine the bitch of this season. Yeah she won’t last long.

Our take: Possible candidate to not make it past the first show. But if she does it will make for good drama.


Randy - is a 49-year old from Missouri. He’s a wedding videographer. He says he’s never met a person that didn’t eventually disappoint him. He says that “tens of thousands dollars worth of therapy has made me realize that it’s safer to keep my distance.”

Our take: This guy sounds really needy, Meatloaf in Fight Club needy. Will be a pain to listen to if he sticks around for that long. We think the sympathy will run out by week 4.


Poloma - is a 24-year old who has been to Africa before - living with locals in Kenya for 3 months.

Our take: Reminds us too much of Rachel Ray so that is a bad thing. The Africa stuff will come in handy when they have to ride elephants. A possible firecracker.


Bob - is 58-years old. He’s a high school physics teacher. Bob is from Maine and built a cabin out of recycled materials.

Our take: Token old guy who will irritate all the young ladies who don’t want to hang with their dad. They will keep him to build a shelter and send him packing.


Susie - is a 47-year old from Iowa. She’s a part-time hair dresser and English teacher - comes from an immigrant crop worker family. She wears a t-shirt with her son’s picture on it. Her biggest struggle, she says, is controlling her potty mouth.

Our take: This one is easy. She will lose it when she misses her son and ask to leave the game.


Dan - is a 32-year old from Boston. He left his job as a lawyer before joining “Survivor.” He grew up in a blue-collar family and his father was disabled when Dan was young. His mother had to work to support the family.

Our take: Did they make the guys wax for the promo shots or what? Classic American dude for sure. He will fight hard, play fair and go as far as his smile will take him. If he mentions Boston in anyway they will vote him out just because of the memories of Boston Rob.


Interesting facts

For every minute the viewer sees on TV, the crews shoot 300 minutes of tape. Each show lasts for 43 minutes, 22 seconds.

Exile Island will be different this season. There will be two choices: A clue to finding the hidden immunity idol, or you can choose “comfort” which would be some comfort item.

The “Snuffer” for this year - what Jeff Probst uses to snuff out the torch of the person who is voted out each week - is an carved elephant’s head with the trunk being the long handle.

Our pick to win

As some of you may know every season of Survivor, picks are made at Cuzoogle HQ and whoever’s pick lasts the longest gets a free dinner. So there is a lot riding on the choice.

Luckily the rules state in our bet that we have the first episode to judge and get a feel. So our pick will have to wait until tomorrow. Who you got?

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