Last week we asked what you would rename some NBA teams if you had the chance. Well here are some of the best answers that we got.

Here are our faves.

  • Oklahoma City Lawn Mowers (for cutting Seattle’s collective grass)
  • VC and the East Rutherford Apathy; becoming Brooklyn’s Prime-time Playas in 2010
  • Dallas Non-Patriots
  • Salt Lake City Whitebreads
  • Toronto Moose Knuckles (alternatively Upper Canadian Beaver Patrol)
  • The Cleveland “wannabe Pistons”
  • Kobe and the Gang (like Kool and the Gang)…actually wait, I don’t think David Stern would let anything with any reference to ‘gang’ near his league, would he?
  • Chicago Great Season Tickets Still Availa-Bulls
  • Detroit Same Ole, Same Ole’s

Got one you would like to share? Fire it in the comments.

It has been a long week at Cuzoogle HQ and today seems like as good a day as any to skip out early and enjoy some sunshine.

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