Over the weekend the Toronto Star reported that Sam Mitchell is going to give up cursing this season and show his players some self improvement. We should all try to better ourselves and as we all know, falling out of the routine is the hardest part. We wish Sam the best in his efforts but here are 10 things that wll push him over the edge.

1. When he draws up his best play of the season and it works to win a game and a timekeeper messes it up.

2. When Jamario Moon takes a long jumper when he should drive. No worries Sam, we feel the same.

3. Two words, Andrea Bargnani.

4. When the Toronto media asks him how the Leafs will do without Mats Sundin.

5. When the Toronto media asks for the 105th time if he has cursed yet.

6. When Darrick Martin still shows up for practice wanting to run the scrimmage.

7. When Chris Bosh tries to involve him in some funny skit for YouTube.

8. Did we say Andrea Bargnani? How can you not swear when watching him.

9. When Chucky Swirsky calls him and asks if he misses the Chuckster.

10. When BC calls him up after starting the year out 13-14 and says win or you are whacked.

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