In case you did not read about it, a 12-year-old boy in Tampa got an in-school suspension for sporting a Rayhawk (mohawk in honour of the Rays). This is a joke if you ask us. Try worrying about a real problem for once.

In a statement, the school said they understand a person’s hairstyle does not reflect their character or ability to carry out their duties, but they go on to say conservative hairstyles create an overall atmosphere that makes customers feel most comfortable.

Well that got us thinking about what NBA players would also get an in-school suspension if they went to this school. Here are a few of the culprits but certainly not all of them.

Ben Wallace

Chris Bosh

Scot Pollard

Andrei Kirilenko

Chris Anderson

Joakim Noah

Brad Miller

Anderson Varejao

Chris Kaman

Mike Miller

Mikki Moore

Greg Oden (for the beard)

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