Letter From the Editor

I have to admit, I feel like that old guy in Jurassic Park who opened the World’s eyes to the mysterious and amazing island full of Dinosaurs. He opens the giant, wooden doors and says “Welcome to Jurassic Park”, and this morning I am doing that for you but in a different way. I am opening the blog world’s eyes to a new land of Dinosaurs that hopefully you will continue to enjoy as you have for the past several months.

Today is a day I have been working towards for weeks and months and never honestly thought a hobby could lead to this. Welcome to the new and improved Cuzoogle that has a fresh theme and a lot of tweaks in the background that I hope makes your viewing experience better than ever.

The credit

The biggest thanks has to go out to Bryan of GrandmasterB. He is the artist that went all Timbaland on my old theme and has turned it into what I hope it is a No.1 hit. Bryan took my concept and made it look 100% like what I envisioned the site to be. No longer does it look like a theme that is just hacked together and now has a unique and stylish brand that I hope helps the blog grow even bigger.

As well as the look, Bryan also fixed some long-standing issues with the database and annoying little problems that has had me pulling my hair out for a long time. The whole experience has been amazing and as you can see, the proof is in front of you. Bryan worked on this site like it was his own and that is what makes him a great person to work with. If you like what you see, I highly suggest checking out GrandmasterB’s design services page and see all of the other examples of his wicked work.

If you want to read all the details of what Bryan did exactly and in his words, please check out his post on GrandmasterB.

I also want to thank Jeff from Buzz My Blog who stepped in when certain issues stumped Bryan. Yes Cuzoogle has grown to the point of needing a team to bring it to the next level. The two will soon be launching a joint venture that will set out to help all bloggers make their sites better and more efficient.

Many of you have already requested their skills and I am sure that is only going to grow in the near future. If you reach out to them, tell ‘em Cuzzy sent you if you wouldn’t mind.

Finally I have to thank all of you for reading, commenting and linking to this site everyday. Without that, I would of never reached a state where I could pay for a professional looking theme. I can’t wait to see what is next.

Cuzoogle 2.0 is here

The Toronto Raptors retooled in the offseason to try and win the title so of course I thought it was time to retool this site. My excitement for the future cannot be measured at this point. I had a choppy theme and a lot of nagging errors to deal with in my WordPress setup and still managed to turn Cuzoogle into a popular stop for many readers. Now with a kick ass theme, no errors in the backend and a fully updated WordPress, I have to say that skies are the limits for everyone at Cuzoogle.

Will the Raptors join the party and have a dominating season? Too early to tell but at least now Cuzoogle is ready for when they do.

Again, thank you to everyone who reads the blog, comments and makes this the most fun venture I have ever been involved in.


What do you think of the new look?

In case you don’t remember the old site’s style, here is a screenshot.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Now back to regular programming….

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