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Sorry for the rankings being a little late today. It was a tiring weekend at Cuzoogle HQ. There was a giant dump of snow that took many hours to dig out from and that has left the staff to sore to type. The Lakers and Celtics and still hot as Jessica Alba’s ass but the Denver Nuggets are really climbing the charts thanks to the Chauncey Billups deal. The Magic are staying under the radar and the Spurs are finally winning some games.

Here are this week’s rankings chalk full of hot dancers.

Week 5 (previous rank in brackets)

1. Los Angeles Lakers (1)
2. Boston Celtics (2)
3. Cleveland Cavaliers (3)
4. Orlando Magic (7)
5. Houston Rockets (11)

6. Utah Jazz (6)
7. Phoenix Suns (5)
8. Denver Nuggets (14)
9. Portland Trail Blazers (10)
10. Detroit Pistons (4)

11. Atlanta Hawks (8)
12. New Orleans Hornets (9)
13. Philadelphia 76ers (15)
14. New York Knicks (13)
15. Miami Heat (16)

16. Chicago Bulls (17)
17. Toronto Raptors (12)
18. San Antonio Spurs (25)
19. Milwaukee Bucks (18)
20. Dallas Mavericks (24)

21. Indiana Pacers (19)
22. New Jersey Nets (23)
23. Sacramento Kings (21)
24. Memphis Grizzlies (22)
25. Golden State Warriors (20)

26. Charlotte Bobcats (26)
27. Minnesota Timberwolves (27)
28. L.A. Clippers (28)
29. Washington Wizards (30)
30. Oklahoma City Thunder (29)

See last week’s rankings.

This week’s Adidas Brotherhood team of the week is Denver Nuggets. Since the Iverson-Billups trade, the Nuggets have found a new level of play. They are 8-2 in their last 10 games and as many expected, Carmelo is loving life as the main option on offense. Billups has brough leadership and a defensive mind on a team that was really struggling to stop anyone. The Nuggets are working as a unit and the wins are piling up. See what happens when you form a Brotherhood.

For more about the Brotherhood and what it is all about, you can read and watch video clips here.

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