Last week we asked you what you thought about Sam Mitchell getting fired from the Raptors. As of today, 67% of those who voted said it is time for him to go. After watching what happened over the weekend, that number has to be even higher.

We are not saying it is all his fault but he is the easiest to change at this point. The loss to Vince was embarrassing but the team did play hard and totaled some good individual numbers. Yesterday against the Celtics, most of the team did not even show up and that is unacceptable as a fan.

When your superstar player Chris Bosh walks away from a huddle in absolute frustration, something has to happen or change.

So we are going to offer up a prize for whoever can predict the date that SMitch gets canned (because it is going to happen). Only one person can choose one date, so once it is gone, you can’t take it. The prize, $25 bucks to your paypal account (you have to have one).

Okay everyone, make your pick and may the best person win. Sam, you can’t vote.

Popularity: 2% [?]

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