With all of our good friends in the United States celebrating Thanksgiving this week, we at Cuzoogle wanted to share our thanks with all of the sports blogs we read and get linked to every day. Without all of your help we know we would not be where we are today. So check out this feast of sports blogs and don’t be afraid to go back for seconds and thirds.

The Main Course

Turkey - The real meat of the whole dinner. Thanksgiving is turkey and these sports blogs are staples.


The Big Lead

Busted Coverage

Sports by Brooks

With Leather

Stuffing - No Thanksgiving is complete without some kick ass stuffing. These sites kick ass as well.

Awful Announcing

Ball Don’t Lie


Slam Online


Potatoes - Whether you like ‘em sweet or mashed or covered in gravy, you have to have tators to go with all that meat. No starch issues here.

NESW Sports

You Been Blinded

The World of Isaac

Puck Daddy

Waiting For Next Year

Cranberry Sauce - A simple touch that adds so much to the meal. Who cares if it is from a can, it tastes damn good. Don’t overlook these sports blogs that always make us laugh.

Tirico Suave

Hugging Harold Reynolds

Fire Joe Morgan

Steady Burn

Kissing Suzy Kolber

Bread and butter - Now bread and butter seems so simple but how can you have a feast without some freshly baked bread? Exactly! That is what you can’t wander around the blogosphere without adding these sites to your meal.

The Sports Dollar

Big League Stew

Zoner Sports

NE Patriots Draft

The Sports Lounge

Yams - Sorry had to do it. Seemed to good to pass up.

on 205th (the king of yams you will agree)

Dessert - If you have room for more then it is time for the pumpkin pie, the apple pie and whatever your guilty pleasure is. These blogs have that down cold and always offer up something for everyone.


Epic Carnival

The Angry T

Ready to eat?

So who is going to sit at the head of the table and do the carving?

Well that has to be our friend Jimmy “The Turkey” Traina of Extra Mustard fame. We should all be thankful to him and hope he does not miss any time from work due to over eating.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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