Happy Holidays everyone!

Tis the season to be jolly, so we decided to start handing out some gifts early this year. Well we are not actually giving out presents (that would be crazy) but instead we are suggesting what NBA fans might want under the tree for their respective teams.

Some fans want their teams to have healthy players, some want simple things like more wins and some probably want a whole new team to root for.

Sadly most of these gifts are hard to find and won’t be on sale on Boxing Day.

Check it.

Just for kicks we added futures odds on who will win the NBA title from bet365.com in case you feel like throwing down some Xmas cash.

Eastern Conference

Atlanta Hawks (+2200) - A new ankle for Josh Smith and cheaper tickets since nothing else seems to get fans in the building.

Boston Celtics (+350) - Some actual competition. The champs are burning through the league once again and actually look better than last year. Winning is fun but come on, it is getting boring.

Cleveland Cavaliers (+1000) - For 2010 to never come. If only the Cavs could live in a world like the movie Groundhog Day, things would be just fine.

Detroit Pistons (+1000) - Chauncey Billips back on the team we think is what all fans want. Now as for the team, maybe no practices over the holidays.

New York Knicks (+6000) - The exact reverse of what we put for Cleveland, 2010 now. Knicks fans already got an early gift in Mike D’Antoni but New York is a greedy place and they want more. They may not get LBJ but they will get someone with some serious skills.

New Jersey Nets (+15000) - Four more Devin Harris-like players would be great. New Jersey fans almost feels guilty for wanting anything this year after scamming the Mavericks.

Indiana Pacers (+8000) - To go back to the days of Rik Smits, Reggie Miller and Chuck Person. Maybe a Rasho smile would make things better. At least they have wins over the Celtics and Lakers.

Toronto Raptors (+2800) - We already got our gift a few weeks early. Sam Mitchell getting fired. Now if only there was a way to stuff a small forward with talent into our stockings.

Milwaukee Bucks (+25000) -To have a different team to cheer for. Come on Bucks fans, you know it is true.

Charlotte Bobcats (+15000) - Drafting more Tar Heels and wearing baby blue jerseys. Or better yet, become the Tar Heels.

Philadelphia 76ers (+3300) - Finding out where Iggy has hidden his game. Since Elton Brand has come to town AI #2 can’t seem to make the same impact as last year.

Chicago Bulls (+5000) - Short of Michael Jordan circa 1997 showing up to practice, Bulls fans must be thinking Derrick Rose is a great holiday treat even if they got it in July. Fans are also asking for a nice winning streak of any kind.

Washington Wizards (+10000) - Some spell from an actual Wizard to fix the mess and Gilbert Arenas not being hurt all the time.

Miami Heat (+4000) - Skimpier outfits for the dancers, an outdoor arena and for D-Wade to have the ability to play every minute of every game without injury.

Orlando Magic (+2200) - For the rest of the league to continue not giving a crap about what the Magic are doing so they can fly under the radar. No injuries to Dwight Howard and no more poetry from J.J. Reddick.

Western Conference

Houston Rockets (+1000) - For that chick from Heroes to show up and heal everyone.

Dallas Mavericks (+3500) - A mulligan on the Kidd-Harris trade and to be moved to the Eastern Conference.

Portland Trail Blazers (+3500) - Really? Blazers fans pretty much have it all already. A young and talented team and super hot dancers. Maybe a veteran player to bring it all together.

L..A. Lakers (+220) - For the season to fast forward to a rematch with the Celtics in the finals. That is all that really matters at this point.

L.A. Clippers (+10000) - For the season to fast forward to the end so the Clippers are closer to another lottery pick.

Golden State Warriors (+10000) - Monta Ellis back in the lineup and for Baron Davis to bring his beard back to town. Oh and it would be nice if Jessica Alba showed her face now and then.

San Antonio Spurs (+1800) - A better PA announcer, a clean shaven Pop and a fully healthy team.

New Orleans Hornets (+1000) - For the team to go back to a happier time when the league had not figured them out yet. It would be also good if James Posey started to pay off.

Phoenix Suns (+1800) - A younger version of Steve Nash and Shaq so having two league MVPs on the same team can actually mean winning. Any kind of defense would be a nice stocking stuffer as well.

Utah Jazz (+1400) - To cheer for the Jazz and not have to live in the state of Utah. Now that would be an ideal situation. Although having several wives is cool.

Denver Nuggets (+3000) - You already got your Christmas present so shut up. (See Detroit).

Memphis Grizzlies (+30000) - More sandwiches to go with all that Mayo. Sorry Griz fans, we know nothing about your wants or needs.

Oklahoma City Thunder (+35000) - Five Kevin Durants, four bruising big men, three three point shooters, two All-Star guards and a partridge in a pear tree.

Minnesota Timberwolves (+25000) - Every Christmas T-Wolves fans ask for the same thing. Kevin Garnett. He is gone, so you should get over it and ask for something like warmer weather.

Sacramento Kings (+25000) - Again Kings fans are living in the past. All they want is to have beaten the Lakers back when they had CWebb, Bibby and Peja. Hard to live in the present when the team is going nowhere. Pour a stiff drink and toast the fact that at least you are not fans of the Clippers.


There you have it, our look at what NBA fans might want for their teams this Christmas. If you think the list is a big pile of black coal, so be it. What would you like to give your favorite team this year? Speak up because we know Santa reads Cuzoogle.

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