Yes that is right all you ballers, the NBA is trying to make a little extra coin this holiday season since the economy is going in the toilet and fans are starting to spend their dollars elsewhere.

David Stern has compiled a list of the best Christmas carols ever written and given them a NBA twist in an attempt to further market is global league. Oh and did we mention Mr. Stern sings every song?

Before you hit the mall one last time looking for stocking stuffers, consider this gem of a disc full of all of your NBA favourites.

We realize it is not tickets to a game or even a snazzy jersey but come on, this is a can’t miss for the true fan of NBA basketball.

Here is a track list in case you need more of a sell.

1. Away in a Granger

2. Roy to the World

3. Little dunker boy

4. Oh David Lee

5. Zach Randolph the fat assed Clipper

6. Silent Brevin Knight

7. We Three Sacramento Kings

8. LeBron James is Coming to Town (Ode to New York)

9. Raja Bell Rock

10. Good King James

11. I Saw Mommy kissing Spencer Hawes

and finally……

12. The 12 days of Christmas, NBA style

(sample from the final chorus)

On the twelfth day of Christmas

David Stern sent to me:

Twelve Dunkers Dunking

Eleven Piston practices

Ten LeBrons a Leaping

Nine Hot Ladies Dancing

Eight Wades a Dribbling

Seven Rons a Rapping

Six Driving Layups

Five Championship Rings

Four Larry Birds

Three French Point Guards

Two Tim Duncans

and an Aldridge in a Pear tree

To purchase your very own copy contact your local music store and when they look at you like you are crazy, blame Cuzoogle.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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