Just in time for Christmas! Now you can smell like Tony Romo all year long.

Jessica Simpson has launched her new signature fragrance called ROMO SWEAT and was at Macy’s on the weekend showing it off. ROMO SWEAT is listed as a frangrance that combines apricot nectar & vanilla creme with a lingering hint of locker room stench.

With ROMO SWEAT, I wanted to create an every day fragrance, one that I could be just as comfortable wearing on the red carpet or every day with my favorite jeans,” says Simpson. “For me, ROMO SWEAT is just that: Sweaty. This is a unique fragrance - personal, whimsical, playful and romantic with a heart of gardenia, an essence I truly cherish. Now everyone can smell like my awesome boyfriend but that is as close as you get ladies.

This can’t be good for the Cowboys though. Now everywhere Terrell Owens goes, he is going to smell Tony Romo on other people and his jealousy rage is going to make him explode. Not to mention that fact that he already can’t stand that Jessica is stealing the attention away from Tony.

Add smell to the list of reasons why the Cowboys are going to fail once again this season.

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