Wow time flies when you are trying to relax. Christmas was a blur with the traveling, the visiting and the presents. Now we are back and trying to get back in the groove of doing this blogging thing. We took a week off from featuring our fave blogs/bloggers but don’t worry, we will get them all in. Even if they slip into the new year, they will all get fired up.

For day 16 of 10 questions we want to prove to you that there are actually people out there who love the Indiana Pacers. Enjoy and hope you had a great Christmas.

1. Name/handle/blogs: Wade / Both Teams Played Hard

2. Favourite sports team: Pacers

3. First website you check everyday (excluding email): 2 Girls, 1 Cup usually

4. Babe you would like to go out on a date with: the brunette

5. Favourite movie of 2008: Iron Man then Burn After Reading. I haven’t gotten
to the cinema much though. I expect JCVD to ultimately wear the crown.

6. What is currently playing on your Mp3 player: Heltah Skeltah, Ghostface, My
Morning Jacket, Warren Zevon, Elzhi/Black Milk, Flight of the Conchords, Pacewon
& Mr. Green, Pogues, Tom Waits, Goodie Mob … everything except the new Common

7. What is your day job: Editer [sic]

8. When you think of Canada, what comes to mind: inferior maple syrup to that
made in Maine

9. Biggest sports prediction for 2009: Danny Granger will drop a double nickel

10. Name one sports blog that everyone needs to check out: Empty the Bench has
been killing it this season.

Thanks to Wade for sharing and if you want to have your answers featured, send them to us and we will post them very soon.As we said, they will all get posted at some point so be patient.

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