Man getting back to work is hard when you know it is a short week. Good thing we have a bunch of these 10 question posts in the can so we don’t have to think.

For day 17 of 10 questions we are going to spend a little time with a blogger who submitted his answers and clearly wants to join the party that is 10 Questions.

1. Name/handle/blogs: Jason Peck (, PrepChamps (

2. Favourite sports team: North Carolina Tar Heels (college basketball), Carolina Panthers (football)

3. First website you check everyday (excluding email): Probably, to see what other college sports bloggers are up to (and I write there so like seeing comments). Then the NBA’s fantasy hoops website
(which is kind of bad) or for hoops videos/talk

4. Babe you would like to go out on a date with: Jessica Alba for sure.

5. Favourite movie of 2008: Tropic Thunder because Tom Cruise is hilarious, and they made Booty Sweat
(the drink Alpa Chino had) into a real drink.

6. What is currently playing on your Mp3 player: Kanye’s 808’s and Heartbreak, Asher Roth, Transiberian Orchestra, Lil Wayne.

7. What is your day job: Marketing Manager for

8. When you think of Canada, what comes to mind: Southpark.

9. Biggest sports prediction for 2009: UNC Hoops goes undefeated.

10. Name one sports blog that everyone needs to check out: - has some really nice summaries of stories in the world of sports and new media.

Thanks to Jason for sharing and if you want to have your answers featured, send them to us and we will post them very soon.

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