With the NBA season almost at the halfway point, there are so many interesting stories playing out on and off the court. Since we enjoy using the movie posters as a way to showcase some of our thoughts on the league and the players, we figured it was a great time to roll out some more feature films.

Here are five that are currently playing out on screens around the NBA.

For those of us who follow the Raptors, we can’t get enough of Roko Ukic. The rookie point guard is getting some burn these days with Jose Calderon out and the kid is showing some of his skills. He will be the PG of the future in TO and we feel he should be getting even more minutes right now, especially crunch time. You can’t teach what he has to offer and when he is coming down the floor at full speed, he is nothing but Roko Dangerous.


The Denver Nuggets have been cooking since making the Billups deal and they were pretty much set to run away with the NW Division. Not so fast says a broken shooting hand. How will Carmelo Anthony’s injury influence the division and will it give Portland and Utah a fighting chance to make it interesting?


Does anyone think Stephon Marbury going to the Celtics is a good thing? Well we mean except the rest of the league. Marbury is a cancer waiting to be unborn in the Celtics locker room and even KG won’t be able to make that cat cry and tow the line. Interesting story but we just don’t see it happening.


Steve Nash is an amazing point guard, we all know that. But after watching him a few times this season, the new style in Phoenix is turning him into just a good PG. He needs that wild style of running and scoring in bunches. The slow it down and wait for Shaq thing is killing Stevie. Good is still good but in the Valley of the Sun it could be a lot better.


Finally back to the Celtics. After starting out on a historical pace, the C’s have fallen back to earth a little. Yes they are miles ahead of anyone in the Atlantic but do they have the drive to keep up the pace and finish first overall. The Lakers are a more hungry teama and right now the Celtics seem to be walking a fine line of being the best and falling back to the crowd. They must be a little desperate for a surge of new energy, just see the third poster in this list.

These are just five of the storylines going on right now in the league, but there will be many more before it is all said and done, so keep coming back for more.

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