Well it did not take much time for things to start happening in Washington. President Barack Obama announced on his first day in office Wednesday that he is freezing the pay of the about a hundred White House employees who make over $100,000 a year.

With that thought in mind we got to thinking about how Obama could help out some NBA teams free up some cap space for players that should not be getting paid what they are.

Forget about freezing the salaries, these guys need to start giving money back.

The good news for Obama is one of the biggest culprits plays just down the street from him.

Here are 18 players that need their cash flow frozen ASAP for not pulling their weight despite the fact that stupid teams are truly at fault (kind of like the government).

2008-09 salaries

1. Jermaine O’Neal $21,352,500 - That is a lot of money to be paying for one leg.

2. Stephon Marbury $20,800,000 - Looks like he is off to Greece.

3. Steve Francis $17,180,000 - Did not even know he was still on the books.

4. Raef LaFrentz $17,180,000 - Really? Wow. Portland likes to pay guys not to play.

5. Gilbert Arenas $14,653,466 - We wish we got that kind of cash to blog.

6. Ben Wallace $14,500,000 - That is not even a mill per point.

7. Larry Hughes $12,827,676 - Money well spent.

8. Eddy Curry $9,723,983 - That will do wonders at White Castle.

9. Darius Miles $9,000,000 -That will teach you to pay on potential.

10. Cuttino Mobley $8,925,000 - Did he not retire?

11. Antoine Walker $8,854,475 - He is shimmy-shaking all the way to the bank.

12. Juwan Howard $7,375,500 - He must be waiting for the call to TV like Webber and Rose.

13. Eric Snow $7,310,000 - Reason to be smiling on NBA TV.

14. Darko Milicic $7,000,000 - Darko scammed the NBA, nice work

15. Adonal Foyle $6,800,000 - Nice way to head into retirement.

16. Jerome James $6,200,000 - The biggest waste of cash there is. Obama should hit this salary first.

17. Shareef Abdur-Rahim $6,200,000 - No matter how you spell it, he is making a lot for nothing.

18. Adam Morrison $4,159,200 - Should be paying the NBA just to remain in the league.

NBA teams are wishing it was that simple. Obama can’t fix everything but hopefully one day NBA teams will figure out they can’t blow money like this on players who don’t help you win.

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