After a game like yesterday where Chris Bosh looked pretty useless against the Orlando Magic, you had to know that today would bring a lot of wild trade ideas in the forums. Especially when you add it with the reports that CB4 has told BC he won’t resign in 2010. So whether you want to believe a rumour or not, it is out there and unless Bosh says otherwise, you have to figure there is some truth to it.

So what should BC do?

Well over at Pro Sports Daily there is a trade thread that has die-hard Raptors fans spewing endless deals that are pretty insane in theory and in chances of happening. Gasol for Bosh straight up? Hmm that does not seem like enough.

Bosh has looked mortal in his last few games and is having a stretch where even catching the ball has been an issue. Raptors Republic has even started calling him Lobsterboy (because he can’t catch the ball due to his large claws). Even my girlfriend who was reading the paper while the game was on, was asking why Bosh looked out of it and not interested. Could the next three weeks be the end of the Bosh era?

What do you think? Is it time to pull the trigger and blow up this mess of a season? Bosh is one of our favorites and it will be sad to see him go but if it makes the team closer to winnng and making the playoffs, maybe it is the thing to do.

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