Of course the Raptors finally pull off the deal that has been in the works for weeks on Friday. The day we did not feel like doing a damn thing once getting home from the day job. So after a night to let it all soak in the consensus around here is that the trade will probably help the Heat more (at least right away).

Miami is fighting for a playoff spot and a solid big man like JO is one thing they really need. Marion can be replaced by Beasley but they did not have a true starting center. Moon is going to excel for the Heat and we can tell you why. If starts jacking up those horrible jumpers, D-Wade will be in his face like a real leader should and it won’t be tolerated.

As for the Raps. It will be too hard to tell how things work out until everyone is healthy. For now it will be interesting to see how Joey G accepts having someone dropped in front of him in the pecking order just as he has found a decent groove.

We don’t think BC is done and the Blackberry will be going crazy for a few more days. Maybe after J-Killa wins the three point contest tonight, he will get traded before he even gets to board a plane back to TO.

We are not sure the deal will really make the Raps better right now but at least they did something to try and correct what is clearly not working. Is it too late to get Rasho back??

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