If you read this blog on a regular basis, you know we enjoy photoshopping movie posters to showcase recent news from around the sports world. Well after the big deal between the Raps and Heat went down on Friday, we actually got a few emails asking when the poster would be up featuring something to do with The Matrix (for Marion).

Now even though we like to think of ideas that are a little more creative, every now and then you just have to go with the easy layup and give the fans what they want.

So here it is, with a bonus poster for the Miami side of the deal.

Hopefully Marion’s third stop in the NBA is a lot more successful than the second and returns to the form of the first. Sounds a lot like the path we wanted from the movie franchise eh? And yes we know Reloaded was the second film, we are trying our best to strip the third one from our memory banks. Only time will tell if Marion is “The One” for the Raptors.

Here is the bonus poster for all of you Miami Heat fans.

We are still thinking of ideas to best portray the departure of Jamario Moon, so stay tuned.

Also check out a photoshop request we got from our boys over at the Republic.

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