This season has been a huge letdown for anyone who loves the Toronto Raptors. Expectations were high and things were set up for a banner year. Clearly that has not happened and lately we are wondering if that will ever happen. But it could be worse.

We could be a fan of the Phoenix Suns. Once a mighty offensive machine that made NBA ball fun to watch, is now a bus without a driver, or a few wheels. Hard to believe that a Robert Horry flagrant foul and a few heartbreaking OT losses pushed the Phoenix Suns management to go off their rocker and break up a good thing. A few bounces here, a shot going in there and the Suns could be a model franchise with a title or two in the glass case.

But no, Steve Kerr came in with his fantasy skills cocked and ready and has pretty much destroyed the organization for years to come.

Will the madness ever end? Is Steve Kerr actually an undercover mole hired by the Spurs?

Kerr flip-flops his ideas and direction for the team more than Apple updates iTunes. Fast one week, slow the next. Is this for real?

The talent is outstanding and yet they can’t seem to win anymore. The latest move was to fire a coach that had only a few months to get his feet wet.

Is Nash or Amare next to leave? It would not be surprising in the least.

Again, as Raptors fans, we know bad management. Rob Babcock was no wizard when it came to building a team. But he was not given a sweet gig like Kerr.

Two-time MVP check, Unstoppable power forward check, the best offensive coach going check. If Kerr had just let things be and accept it was actually bad luck that beat them, the Suns would still be winning 50 plus games and being in the running for a title every year. Shit happens and the Spurs got in the way a lot. But now they have no prayer to even get to the stage.

This proves that just because you win your college fantasy league, it does not mean you can run a real life club. Nice work Steve. Thanks for wrecking the most exciting ball on the market. Maybe you should ask for a bail out and go back to TV and replace one of the two Miller kids, cause they suck more than you.

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